Marasia's ensigh by A. Mantilla


Artico by T. Diedrich
This vessel was built on 1965 in Germany, by Deutsche Werft, for the Deustche Oost-Africa Linien, as Tabora, and was bought by Marasia on 1974 and renamed Artico.

Tabora - Photo supplied by J.J. Alcaraz
On this photo is with that name and that company funnel. She had two sister ships: Talana and Tabeta. They had capacity for 12 passengers in nice cabins decorated in different colours.

Artico by T. Diedrich

Her main specifications were:
Shipyard/Year Deutsche Werft / 1965
Dead weight 13,550 MT
Gross Register 9,684 GRT
Net Register 5,952 NRT
Length 155.9 mtr
Breadth 20.5 mtr
Depth 12.1 mtr
Maximum draft 9.2 mtr
Propulsion MAN KZ - 6 cylinders
780 mm bore x 1,550 mm stroke
Power 9,600 H.P.
Speed 18,5 knots
Refrigerated cargo 727 m3
Loading devices:
1 jumbo derrick of 150 MT for hold 33
1 jumbo derrick of 70 MT for hold 2
16 derriks of 5 MT for holds 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5
Bought 1974 to
Owner Deustche Oost-Africa Linien
Sold 1983 to
Owner Cenargo Ltd.
Scrapped 1988

Artico by T. Diedrich
The previous photos were shot at Santander, and the next at Barcelona.

Artico by A. Mantilla
She was sold on August 1983 to Cenargo Ltd., to be anchored at Fackland Islands as support for the construction of an airport, and was registered in Bermudes as Merchant Providence.
Later was called Provide, till 1987 when was registered in Saint Vicent and Grenadines as Sagres. On July 1988 arrived to Gadani Beach (Pakistan) to be scrapped.

Artico by A. Assiego
This photo was shot leaving the port of Málaga.

Christmas Eve at Buenaventura
This, with all the Officers, was shot at Buenaventura (Colombia) on Christmas Eve 1977.

Photo supplied by J.J. Alcaraz
This photo was shot on 1977.

Photo supplied by J.J. Alcaraz
When berthed at Guayaquil other ship maneouvering collided with the Artico, damaging the hospital area with her forecastle.

Made by J.J. Alcaraz
This drawing shows the CO2 fire fighting system protecting all holds, engine room, etc. We can also see the layout of holds and tweendecks.

Artico by J.J. Alcaraz
This and the next photos are showing one of the frequent crossing of the Panama Canal.

Artico by F. Bodelón

Artico by J.J. Alcaraz
On 1976 carried a sugar cargo from Cienfuegos (Cuba) to Santander (España). On this is arriving at Cienfuegos, and the next loading the sugar in bulk.
Artico by J.J. Alcaraz

Artico by J.J. Alcaraz
Here are two Deck Officers, Javier Ayala and J.J. Alcaraz, and Romy, the wife of Javier. Maybe was at Buenaventura (Colombia) or Guayaquil (Ecuador).

Artico por J.J. Alcaraz
An important item was the "botijo", because there was not cold water fountains. And change the place where it was hanging depending on the sun position.

Artico by J.J. Alcaraz
This nice view shows the deck wing and the rainbow in the background. And other view from the Bridge close to Cartagena (Spain), with two war ships crossing the bow.
Artico by F. Bodelón

Tabora model - Hamburg Museum

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