Marasia's ensigh by A. Mantilla


Atlantico - Supplied by G. Ruiz de Zugadi
This vessel was built on 1967 in the United Kingdom as Louise Bornhoffen. She was bought by Marasia on 1975 and renamed Atlantico.
Her main specifications were:
Length 131.9 mtr      Beam 18.9 mtr      Depth 10.6 mtr     Upper draft 8.5 mtr     Lower draft 7.3 mtr
3,396 NRT       6,379 GRT      9,200 DWT
Propulsion: Diesel engine MAN KZ - 8,400 HP - 6 Cilynders x 700 mm bore x 1200 mm stroke
Sea trial speed: 18 knots

Atlantico - Supplied by J.B. Buades
In these impressive photos is arriving in Sidney (Australia).
She was usually in the line to South America, but her last years with Marasia she was in the West Africa line.
Atlantico - Photo library of  M. Rodríguez Aguilar

Atlantico - Supplied by J. Martí Mallofré
In Astander (Astillero - Cantabria) drydock. A view nou usually seen, what makes it yet more interesting.

Atlantico by J.M. Blanquez
In this photo has yet the hull with the colour of the former company, not the Marasia's typical grey.
She was sold on January 1982 to a Greek company, which renamed her GME Atlantico under Greek flag. She was scrapped in Turkey on 1988.

Photos in the ship

Collision in Gibraltar Strait

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