Funnel supplied by Aingeru Astui

Flag supplied by Aingeru Astui

Naviera de Exportación Agrícola

Benicasim by T. Diedrich

Benicarlo by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year SECN - Sestao / 1946
Dead Weight 2,742 MT
Length 93.6 mtr
Breadth 13.1 mtr
Depth 7.6 mtr
Propulsion Christiansen Mayer
Power 1,800 H.P.
Boilers 2 x Lamont Mercier

Benicarlo - Supplied by I. Vázquez de Acuña
      This ticket is a historical document that gives an idea of the cost of maritime transportation, before the age of planes and the massive passangers transport. The Spanish monthly average salary was less than 3,000 pesetas. It was used in a voyage Barcelona-Alejandría on November 1962, and the return was Alejandría- Barcelona on March 1963. Moreover, in the back can be read all conditions.
Benicarlo - Supplied by I. Vázquez de Acuña

Benidorm by T. Diedrich

Benidorm - Photo library of M. Rodríguez Aguilar

Benisanet by T. Diedrich

Bensu - Photo supplied by E. Puértolas
She was sold on 1972 to Benjamín Suárez and renamed Bensu. She grounded and was lost on 1979, close to Palamós (Gerona).

Beniel by T. Diedrich
        Built in 1958 by the SECN at Sestao. She was 5,135 DWT; length: 106.9 meters; breadth: 15.8 and depth: 9.4. Her diesel engine of 4,100 HP gave her on sea trials 16.13 knots. Its daily consumption was around 15.5 MT of gasoil, having tank capacity for 662 cubic meters.
Beniel - From Webmar
        The movie "El alevín", also known as "María, matrícula de Bilbao", was shot onboard this vessel. She was sold in 1967 to Trasatlántica and renamed as Ruiseñada. She was sold on 1978 to a Greek company, and scrapped on 1984.

Suministrado por
Description of the vessels Beniel and Benizar published in the technical magazine Rotación

Benizar by T. Diedrich
        Sister ship of the previous was built a year later by the same shipyard. She was also sold to Trasatlántica in 1967, being renamed as Comillas. She was also sold on 1978 to a Greek company, and scrapped on 1984.
Benizar - From Webmar

Benizar - Collection J. Careaga
Beniel and Benizar drawings

Benimuslem by T. Diedrich

Shipyard / Year Euskalduna - Bilbao / 1965
Dead weight 4,504 MT
Gross register 2,000 GRT
Length 98.0 mtr
Breadth 14.8 mtr
Depth 8.4 mtr
Draft 6.7 mtr
Propulsion Euskalduna - MAN G7V 52/47 m.A.
Power 2,850 H.P.
Speed 14.5 knots
Sold 1969 to
Owner Naviera del Atlántico
Renamed / Year Delfín del Tirreno / 1972
Sold / Name 1983 - Castle Grace
Sold / Name 1984 - Lady Hiba
Sold / Name 1987 - Lady Houda
Deleted in 2010 due existence in doubt

Benimuslem by F. Estrañi

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