Camprovin - Collection C. Kleiss
On this photo the Camprovin was anchored at the Dársena de Galdames (Sestao). In the background from left to right were: Cabo Tres Forcas, Cabo Menor, El Saturno, Monte Iciar, Monte Serantes, Apolo, Monte Teide y Motomar.

Shipyard / Year S.E.C.N. - Matagorda / 1954
Dead Weight 2,385 MT
GRT 2,031
Length 83.4 mtr
Breadth 12.4 mtr
Depth 5.9 mtr
Propulsion Diesel engine
Power 1,000 H.P.
Scrapped 1988

Monte Teide - Collection C. Kleiss
View from the opposite side. From left to right: El Saturno, Monte Iciar, Monte Serantes, Apolo and only showing a small part Monte Teide.
The small tanker was the Campanilla. The ship at anchor, loading/discharging to barges, is not identified.

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