Carlos - Collection C. Kleiss
      She was built as Hebe on 1877 at Trieste by the shipyard Austrian Hungarian Lloyd for its own shipping company, that had the same name. On 1897 was renamed Unione, and on 1902 was bouhgt by A. Galindo registered in Spain and rechristened Carlos. She was for some time trading between Alicante and Oran, and later Barcelona and Vinaroz. In one of these last trips, on July 1905, was grounded at Islas Columbretes to avoid sinking, but she sunk anyway.
Shipyard / Year Lloyd Austro-Ungarico / 1877
Dead Weight 240 MT
GRT 253
NRT 214
Lenght 45.1 mtr
Breadth 5.7 mtr
Depth 3.5 mtr
Propulsion Reciprocating compound
Power 150 H.P.
Speed 10 knots
Bought 1902
Sunk 1905

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